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PADI IDC Lembongan Bali


Bali Diving Academy in Nusa Lembongan is your best bet for your PADI IDC Lembongan if you’re not sure to choose inbetween the busy Bali life or the laidback Gili vibe. Their branch on the second Nusa is a boutique PADI 5 star IDC Center with probably the best diving from Bali. Honestly, who doesn’t want to get more experience in dealing with drift diving and manta rays?

Bali Diving Academy has a very strong statement that says it all: they will connect you with the ocean! 

Being one of the first PADI scuba diving centers in Bali (est. 1991), and diving pioneers in Indonesia, they value experience and professionalism. 

Since the opening of Bali Diving Academy, their safety record has been 100%. Their staff is focused at catering for all their guests, the equipment is topnotch and all the diving team is PADI certified. What else is missing here? Bali Dive Academy is also focusing on marine conservation and ecology. They are Green-Fins certified, support the Coral Triangle Center, the Marine Megafauna Foundation and the Biorock Project.

All of the above is of course also applied during the IDC Lembongan: experience, professionalism, real-life teaching, safety and environmental awareness. What are you waiting for?


The Diving around Lembongan Bali

Diving in Nusa Lembongan, or its much greater sister Nusa Penida, can be amazing. The Nusas, as they are familiarly called there, are a unique experience. When the Nusas throw big, they can no doubt compete with Komodo or Raja Ampat, 2 other gems within Indonesia and the famous Coral Triangle.


PADI IDC Lembongan


You easily reach the Nusas by sailing about 1 hour to the southeast from Bali. What can you expect to see over there? It is almost certain you will be able to dive with Mantas Alfredi (aka Reef Mantas). They can grow up to 5.5m! It is amazing to observe them year round literally flying above cleaning stations or performing a mating train. Besides mantas, it is also possible to enjoy the elusive Mola Alexandrini (aka Mola Mola aka sun fish). From May to October, they are coming from the depths to feed, mate and get cleaned by the reef fishes. Sharks, mainly black & white tip reef sharks, are spotted daily. If you’re lucky, you might also enjoy the magnificent Thresher shark with its long caudal (tail) fin. Wobbegongs (aka carpet sharks) are regularly spotted as well. Once in a while, it is also possible to see a hammerhead just cruising by…

The coral reefs are stunning with a huge diversity of hard and soft corals. Massive bommies and gigantic table corals are very common there. The macro lovers will also enjoy the diversity of little critters like nudies, frogfishes, etc… The viz can range from 5m to immeasurable depending on the conditions. Now, the passionate divers that you are know that this diverse eco system can only exist when the conditions are fine for it. This means that during high season, the temperature can drop below 20C at depth and the currents can be strong, very strong accompanied with strong winds. These perfect upwelling conditions are mostly the case on the west side of the Nusas, the east side has usually more comfortable temperatures. The topography is breathtaking ranging from slopes, drop off’s, walls and calm protected bays. In other words, the Nusas have it all, it’s amazing and you will not be disappointed!


Nusa Lembongan

Do you know why highly reputable universities spend so much in their campus? Simply because the surrounding is crucial when learning! What about becoming a confident and highly skilled dive professional on a little paradisiac island at 30 minutes boat ride from south Bali? No compromise need to be made: far away from the hectic life of south Bali but still have many choices of little restaurants and surrounded by beautiful beaches. The icing on the cake? This is on a Marine Protected Area! Last but not least: We are Bali Diving Academy and we connect people with the ocean since 1991. We are an eco-friendly dive center involved in many sustainable projects. We are professional and have a 100% safety record since our creation. If this sounds good to you, don’t hesitate.




PADI IDC Lembongan Dates:

Course Dates: Exam Dates:
20 March - 06 April 07 -08 April 2020
16 November - 01 December 02 - 03 December 2020



PADI IDC Lembongan