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PADI Instructor Course with PADIU Course Director Alina


With over 20 years as a dive professional Alina really knows her stuff. Not only is she full of fascinating scuba stories, she is also an unrivalled source of invaluable knowledge on teaching PADI IDCs and succeeding in this industry. Alina combines the knowledge she gained through her own training and experience with the latest teaching techniques. All whilst incorporating the pioneering and free spirit that first led her to the world of diving and kept her captivated her for all these years. 

Alina believes that it is the ultimate in teaching when the mentor becomes the student and the student becomes the mentor. One of the reasons she loves teaching at this level, is because she also learns from her candidates. There are so many people around the world that consider Alina as their mentor, but she also considers her old students her mentors. ‘You train them, you let them grow, then you end up learning from them.’


Alina’s Diving Story


PADI IDC with Course Director Alina at Your IDC


When travelling East Africa in 1989, Alina gained her initial scuba diving certification as the first person ever to dive in Lake Malawi. A year later, she returned to Lake Malawi to find that her instructor was still there. Within a year he had set up a successful bar, restaurant, watersports and diving centre. This was Alina’s first taste of the diving industry and the way it can positively transform lives, truly inspired her. 

After a few years of instructing, Alina began looking for her niche as an instructor and was drawn to the pioneering spirit of technical diving. Tech diving requires your mind to be clear of anything but your dive procedures. Following the birth of her daughter, her mind could only focus on making it back to the surface to fulfil her responsibility as a mother. She asked herself ‘What do I love as much as diving?’ and the answer was ‘Teaching diving of course - let’s focus on that!’. Not only was this incredible woman undergoing root canal treatment during her Course Director Training, but she also breast feeding her daughter! We know she can remain calm under pressure. 

Alina was one of the first scuba diving instructors in the Gili Islands in Indonesia, part of a handful of passionate individuals who first established these now famous islands as a hotspot for both beginner and experienced divers a like. She has spent the last 20 years travelling and teaching, predominantly in Indonesia but also briefly in Honduras, Vietnam and Thailand. 


Alina's Biography

Alina Conroy

Born in Dublin and raised in Holland

Mum to a wonderful daughter and gorgeous black Labrador

Scuba Diving:

  • 1989 PADI Open Water Diver, Malawi, East Africa.
  • 1996 PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. 
  • 2001 PADI Course Director, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia


Amount of dives: 6000+

Favourite type of diving: all kind of diving

Languages: Dutch and English